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Liz Hernández: Passion & Expertise

I can hardly contain my joy and excitement right now!!! I am super proud to introduce ARTEZONA Gallery’s inaugural group of artists and curated art collections. Our mission is to advance creative expression, support working artists, and offer people a way to live with art. Those who know me can attest that these are the very ideals that have inspired and guided my journey over the years!

Having owned and operated contemporary art galleries in Tucson and Scottsdale, I learned the art business and established meaningful relationships with artists and collectors alike. I also trained my eye to identify the technical and creative strengths of a work of art.

Artists are among my favorite people. An important part of my curatorial process has always been to visit each artist’s studio to discover common ground. I love the personal interaction and the opportunity to discuss ideas, concepts, materials, techniques, and art direction. Studio visits also allow for a deeper understanding of each other’s goals and expectations. Although COVID 19 has somewhat dampened in-person interaction, we are mindful of social distancing and other ways to visit safely.

Art lovers are among my favorite people too. I really enjoy talking to anyone who loves art and finding a way to connect through art. Whether a novice or expert in the discourse of art, it’s cool to engage and hear people's perspectives about art. In making curatorial decisions, I strive to connect with people who want to personalize and visually enrich their living spaces with art. Art is my passion and joy!

ARTEZONA Gallery is a manifestation of my love of art and the people who make art and love art too.  And while we can’t be all things to all people, our niche brand with hand-picked works of art will attract our tribe of art lovers.

I’m aware that there are literally thousands of online art sites out there. But what makes us special - in addition to curatorial discernment - is person to person service. We are real people who will make time to talk to you either by phone, email, or Zoom. We are committed to catering to your needs with loving care and integrity. We will help you find great art, even if it's not on our website. In short, we're relationship-driven.

My vision is to grow ARTEZONA Gallery to include artists from around the world, to attract an international audience of art aficionados and collectors, and to become a niche brand in the contemporary art market.

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Welcome to ARTEZONA Gallery!


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